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Antivarroa Entrance

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Antivarroa entrance is made of food plastic with UV protection capable of eliminating varroas that paralyze bees. It has an internal brush that removes the varroas located in the upper part of the thorax from the bee each time it goes in or out to the hive. It is suitable for any type of hive. It is suitable for all types of hives.

  • Kills phoretic varroas
  • It helps you to know the real state of infestation in each hive
  • Prevents reinfestations caused by pillaging and drone mobility.
  • Adapts to any type of hive and suitable for transhumance.
  • With anti-pillage reducing entrance.
  • It is perfect for organic beekeeping.
  • Robust and durable. Designered to withstand weather´s inclemences