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The entrance that kills varroas

Antivarroa Entrance

This entry vent has a brush inside that cleans the upper part of the thorax. It also has an obstacle that cleans the lower abdomen. The trapped varroas fall into a drawer at the bottom.

Antivarroa Entrance Characteristics

  • Eliminates pheric varroas. Kills phoretic varroas
  • It helps you to know the real state of infestation in each hive
  • Prevents reinfestations caused by pillaging and drone mobility.
  • Adapts to any type of hive and suitable for transhumance.
  • With anti-pillage reducing entrance.

Our antivarroa entrance photos

Invest in the health of your bees

The entrance, is a powerful weapon in a beekeepers hands to remove parasotes and keep varroa levels acceptable.
Less varroa means healthier and more productive hives.

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Do you want to change to organic production?

The antivarroa entrance will help you transfer from conventional to organic beekeeping. It enables to reduce the amount of varroa in your hives without using any chemicals.


How does the antivarroa entrance work?

The varroa entrance´s effect on the varroa population

How to assenble the antivarroa entrance in a Langstroth or Dadant hive?


Why is the Anti Varroa Entrance so effective?



Here you can buy our antivarroa entrance. Stay tuned to our social networks as we will soon be launching an additional product to combat varroa.

Antivarroa entrance

The entrance is made of food plastic with UV protection capable of eliminating the varroas that paralyze bees. It is suitable for any type of hive.

From 15€ excluding VAT. Shipping not included.


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